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IMP offers a complete line of “plug and play” thermal transfer printer ribbons manufactured to meet or exceed the OEM specifications at significant cost savings. IMP’s mission is to provide the highest quality ribbon solutions, at competitive price levels, combined with the sales tools and support resources our reseller need to increase ribbon sales and profitability.
  • What is Hot Stamping

    This article walks you through the definition of hot stamp printing process, what is hot stamp dies, different kinds of hot stamp foils as well as an overview of the hot stamp market. Then we clarify the differences between hot stamp printing and thermal transfer overprinting. Finally a versatile line of coding foils are...
  • Near Edge Printing vs Flat Head Printing

    Confused about flathead printing and near edge printing? Read along and you will get a clear understanding of what flat head and near edge printing are how each of the process works. No matter what you need, IMP has you covered. As the thermal transfer ribbon manufacturer, IMP carries a complete line of thermal transfer...
  • What is Thermal Transfer Overprint (TTO)?

    Everything you need to know about Thermal Transfer Overprint (TTO), including how the process work, the benefits of thermal transfer overprinting, the market, industries, applications, the TTO trends and how to sale to this exciting market.
  • How Thermal Transfer Printing Works

    This article answers all the questions you might have about thermal transfer ribbon, including basics of thermal printer, the mechanism of thermal transfer printing process, advantages of thermal transfer printing as well as the complete line of thermal transfer ribbon offering by IMP, the world's only vertically integrated...
  • Looking to Increase Thermal Transfer Barcode Ribbon Sales and Profit Margins in This Increasingly Competitive Market?

    IMP, as the fastest growing thermal transfer barcode ribbon supplier in North America and the "Go to" partner for TTR, offers the best Price/performance value for thermal transfer ribbon products in the market today. We provide the opportunity to present a cost savings to your customers, while also improving your gross...
  • How to Select the Right Type of Thermal Transfer Ribbon (Barcode Ribbon) for Your Business

    A walkthrough of the different thermal transfer ribbon products, including wax, wax/resin and resin and how to select the correct ribbon for your printing needs. A printing substrate chart is also provided so you can match the ribbon with your existing print media.
  • Hot Stamping Coding Foils

    Hot stamping foil is a hot stamping printing method with dry ink or foils. IMP’s hot stamp coding foils are used to mark onto product packaging by means of a coding device.
  • Terminology for Thermal Transfer Products (Barcode Ribbon)

    Glossary for thermal transfer products, including thermal transfer printing, thermal transfer ribbon (barcode ribbon), wax ribbon, wax-resin ribbon, resin ribbon, hot stamping foil etc.