Z801 Wash Care Resin Ribbon -Thermal Transfer Ribbon

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Best solution for permanent care & Textile Printing

  • Excellent print quality on textile materials
  • Superior scratch & smear resistance to washing, dry cleaning, and ironing
  • Withstands extreme heat, dry cleaning, and industrial solvents
  • Steam resistant

Printing substrates

Product Features 

Z801 is a highly durable wash care resin used for garment and textile label printing. It offers excellent print quality and superior resistance to washing, ironing, and dry cleaning applications. Highly resistant to heat, water, and industrial solvents, Z801 is compatible with a wide variety of materials, including nylon, satin, acetate, polyester, rayon and synthetic fibers. Our proprietary anti-static back coating formulation dissipates static electricity and works to protect and extend the life of your valuable printheads.

Manufacturer Direct - As the only thermal transfer ribbon manufacturer that equipped with the vertical integration capability of PET base film, IMP offers a full line of "drop in replacement" thermal transfer barcode ribbon and hot stamp coding foil ribbon solutions at significant cost savings. 

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Product Details

SKU Z801
Total Thickness
6.5 ± 0.2 µm
Ink Thickness
1.4 ± 0.2 µm
0 Kv
Optical Density
≥ 1.6 D
Color Density
≥ 1.8 DB
Ink Melt Point

Printing Characteristics: 

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