Z200+ General Purpose Wax/Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbon (barcode ribbon)

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Perfect Choice for Demanding Environment

Quality starts with OUR film

  • Plug & Print Compatibility to industry leading wax/ resin ribbons
  • Superior Heat & Abrasion Resistance
  • Wide Label Compatibility
  • Low Printhead Energy Requirements
  • Excellent image density & edge definition ensures darker, bolder images
  • Well suited for many cannabis labeling application
  • Anti-static formulation ideal for RFID label printing
  • Halogen-free

Printing substrates

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Product Features 

Z200+ is an economical wax-resin thermal transfer ribbon that provides consistent performance on a variety of materials. This ribbon produces dense, dark, and durable images. This ribbon has excellent scratch resistance and resistance to harsh environmental conditions. Z200+ is an ideal solution for applications requiring competitively priced wax-resin ribbons without sacrificing performance. Our proprietary anti-static back coat dissipates static electricity and works to protect and extend the life of your valuable printheads.

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Product Details

SKU Z200+
Total Thickness
7.1 ± 0.3 µm
Ink Thickness
2.5 ± 0.4 µm
≤ 0.06 Kv
Optical Density
≥ 2.15 D
Color Density
≥ 2.6 DB
≤ 60 Gs
Ink Melt Point
78 °C
Storage Condition
  • Use within 12 months recommended
  • Keep away from UV and direct sunlight
  • Temperature 5-35°C (40-95°F)
  • Humidity 20-80%

Printing Characteristics: 

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