PD-2 Hot Stamping Coding Leather Foil

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Product Features 

IMP’s hot stamp coding foils are used to mark on product packaging by means of a coding device. Typical marking applications include date coding, lot numbers, production information, price etc. As one of the world’s largest hot stamp ribbon manufacturers, IMP provides a versatile line of coding foils capable of low energy printing at high speeds and compatible with a wide range of substrates.  Our ISO 9001 certified production facility adheres to strict quality control standards ensuring a consistent and reliable high-performance product for use in mission critical packaging applications.

Ribbon Family:

Compatible with:

Product Details

Printing Temp
120 -180 °C
Pressure Power
4-6 bar
Touch time
0.1-0.8 sec

Certificates & Warranties

The product is backed by the following certifications to ensure the quality and workmanship meet and exceed the industry standards.