Hot Stamping Coding Foils

Hot Stamping Coding Foil
Hot stamping foil is a hot stamping printing method with dry ink or foils. IMP’s hot stamp coding foils are used to mark onto product packaging by means of a coding device.

What is Hot Stamping Foil

Hot foil stamping is a printing process of using heat and pressure to apply metallic foil to materials such as light papers, carton board, laminated board, plastics and corrugated board. IMP produces a wide range of hot stamping coding foils for printing on both flexible and rigid substrates.  

IMP's Hot Stamp Coding Foils

IMP’s hot stamp coding foils are used to mark onto product packaging by means of a coding device. Typical marking applications include date coding, lot numbers, production information, price etc. As one of the world’s largest hot stamp ribbon manufacturers, IMP provides a versatile line of coding foils capable of low energy printing at high speeds and compatible with a wide range of substrates. Our ISO 9001 certified production facility adheres to strict quality control standards ensuring a consistent and reliable high-performance product for use in mission critical packaging applications.

Hot Stamping Foil Benefits

  • Extreme versatility
  • High-Speed Printing
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Excellent image darkness
  • High temperature sterilization
  • Excellent adhesion to many substrates
  • Low-temp refrigeration storage
  • 11 stock sizes to choose from
  • Original OEM quality specs


IMP offers a range of hot stamping coding foil products, including regular foil, cable foil, leather foil and color foil products.  These products are compatible with a variety of printers and inks, including API GT, DC8 Inks, Norwood 172 Ink and Kurz CEL512, CN512, CN511 Inks. 


HSF900 hot stamping foil delivers superior performance and excellent image durability. Suitable for high temperature sterilization and low temperature refrigerator storage. HSF Colors are available in white, yellow, blue, red, and green. Custom sizes and colors are available.

Custom Order

We take custom sizes orders. Minimum order 96 rolls, lead time 3-5 days.