• Thermal Transfer Printing Problems and Solutions

    In this review of thermal transfer printing problems and solutions, we outlined the common problems, possible causes and solutions. Burn temperature guide and ANSI print quality samples are also included for your reference.
  • Premium Wax? General Purpose Wax? Which Wax is Right For You?

    When it comes to wax ribbons, there are a lot of options out there. IMP offers two grades thermal transfer wax ribbons, general purpose and premium. This article walks you through how to choose the appropriate grade of wax ribbon for your printing needs.
  • Bar Code Basics!

    Understand what is barcode and the different types of barcode. IMP offers a complete product lines of different ribbon formulation to meet your barcode printing needs.
  • High Yield Thermal Transfer Ribbons

    High Yield Think Skinny Thermal Transfer Ribbons
    Like all of IMP's near edge ribbons, the skinny ribbons offer excellent heat, abrasion and chemical resistance as well as excellent image density and edge definition.
  • Thermal Transfer Ribbons – Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

    Thermal Transfer Ribbons – Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
    As the world’s only vertically integrated producer of PET film and ribbon (PET film makes up over 50% of product cost) IMP provides the best price/performance value in the market. Learn how IMP's ribbons can help you reduce hidden cost and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
  • Label Applicators and Automatic Baggers

    Thermal Transfer Ribbon for Label Applicators and Automatic Baggers
    The Printer Applicator and Automatic Bagging Systems markets are expected to be a high growth segment for thermal transfer printing over the next several years on a global basis. IMP provides faster, better and cheaper thermal transfer ribbons solutions for label applicator and automatic bagging... Read More
  • Thermal Transfer Printing vs Direct Thermal Printing

    Thermal Transfer Printing vs Direct Thermal Printing
    Understand the defintion of Thermal Transfer Printing vs. Direct Thermal Printing, its printing method's advantages and disadvantages and how Thermal Transfer Printing can can bring you significant cost saving.
  • IMP's Z107plus Resin-Enhanced Wax Thermal Transfer Ribbon Outperforms the Competition

    IMP’s Z107plus Resin-enhanced Wax Thermal Transfer Ribbon Outperforms the Competition
    IMP conducted a ribbon benchmarking comparison for Z107plus versus one of the industry leading resin enhanced wax formulations. The report shows that Z107plus provides a darker, more legible image, particularly at the higher speeds of 12, 14, and 16 ips.
  • What is Hot Stamping and Hot Stamping Foil

    What is hot stamp printing
    This article walks you through the definition of hot stamp printing process, what is hot stamp dies, different kinds of hot stamp foils as well as an overview of the hot stamp market. Then we clarify the differences between hot stamp printing and thermal transfer overprinting. Finally a versatile... Read More
  • Near Edge Printing vs Flat Head Printing

    Confused about flathead printing and near edge printing? Read along and you will get a clear understanding of what flat head and near edge printing are how each of the process works. No matter what you need, IMP has you covered. As the thermal transfer ribbon manufacturer, IMP carries a complete... Read More